The Path of Least Resistance

IMG_1039Do you ever feel like you are not on a clear path in your life or with your creative projects? Maybe it feels like you are walking next to it or that you are going in the wrong direction. How do you stay the course if you are not sure of yourself?

There are so many self -help books and websites that can give you exercises to do. Writing down goals, visioning, working through your blocks (and I have found these tools extremely useful!) but what if none of these tools seem to help and they actually confuse you? It may be time to get back to some basics, step out of the details and focus on the big picture to gain some clarity.

When I am feeling this way, I find that it can be helpful to be alone and to be in a quiet environment. There is so much noise, things to do and demands to meet that having alone time and being quiet can feel like a real luxury. When I carve this time out for myself, I am able to tune in to what direction I want to take in my life. I find that meditating is one of the most helpful ways for me to re-connect to myself. Of course, finding some time and space can be as simple as being in another room and closing the door for fifteen minutes without any interruptions. If the bathroom is the only place you can find peace and quiet take advantage of it!

If you are able to give yourself the time and space to be quiet many times thoughts or feelings may come up that you didn’t even know were there! Unprocessed emotions, thoughts and feelings can come up when we aren’t distracted. Sometimes it can become very uncomfortable when you make time to do this and it may be unpleasant and painful.

It is helpful in these moments to bring attention and mindfulness and notice the thoughts without making up a story, judging your thoughts, emotions or yourself. When you can be mindful and pay attention to what your inner voice and your heart is trying to tell you, your path and what you want in your life may become much clearer and more focused.

I also find that being out in nature is another way for me to be alone and to be quiet so I can really listen to my hearts desire and hear myself. Getting away from the noise and distractions and being in a different environment can be very liberating! When I am in nature I feel connected to something larger than myself and this helps me clear out all the random thoughts I may be having. My problems, thoughts or concerns seem so much smaller when I connect to the world at large.

You may also find that going to an urban environment like a coffee shop, museum or the library is a way to be alone and to be in a different environment. There is something about getting out of the same old environment that can free up self imposed blocks and can help you look at your life through a different perspective or lens. Sometimes, this shift in perspective is exactly what you need to have in order to see your path clearly.

Writing or journaling can also be a method to let go of thoughts and emotions so that you can have more clarity about where you are in your life and where you are headed on your path. Sometimes just letting all the thoughts dump out onto the page can be a helpful way to sort, make sense of and connect the dots around different ideas or feelings. It can bring the confusion and chaos into a focused and calm state so that you can discern the best course of action in your life.

Being alone and getting quiet by meditating, being in a different environment or journaling may seem like they are simple solutions on the surface. However, why not try it out? Especially if you have tried other tools and feel like you are bogged down in the details. Get quiet, listen to your heart and gain a broader perspective. You may find that the simplicity may bring the clarity you need to re-connect you to the path of least resistance!

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