Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude?


Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating in the U.S.!

Developing an attitude of gratitude has not come naturally to me and it is something I try to cultivate daily through mindfulness, creativity and my meditation practice. When I am truly in a state of gratitude my whole outlook on life shifts radically!

Did you ever notice when you smile or you are friendly it comes right back to you? Other people smile back at you or engage in conversation with you. You have a choice around what kind of energy you want to put out there and what you want to welcome in—will it be gratitude, appreciation and joy or will it be negativity, blaming and joylessness?

Making the choice of what energy you put out will make a difference and impact you in so many areas of your life especially in regards to creativity. Have you ever wanted to create when you were in a truly negative space? Probably not, you may have wanted to throw something or crawl under a rock.

Your mental state effects your emotional state and that effects what actions you take moment by moment, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly…you get the idea.

When you choose thoughts of gratitude and appreciation, don’t you feel more alive, more connected, receptive and more open hearted? I don’t know about you but when my heart feels more open I also feel way more inspired about my day and how it will unfold. I am more enthusiastic about everything and love engaging in creative activities like painting or writing while in this state.

How do you develop an attitude of gratitude?

When you wake up first thing in the morning are you dreading your day? Is your first thought; I am tired…I don’t feel good…I can’t believe I have to get up.

What if you woke up and thought-This is great! I am alive today! (It’s so easy to take the fact that you woke up and you are alive for granted). Having this be your first thought, This is great! I am alive today! Instead of the other ones I mentioned can connect you to the present moment. You then have the opportunity to make choices about the tone, feeling, and attitude you would like to carry throughout the day.

Some of the ways I keep developing this attitude of gratitude is by giving thanks or appreciating people, places, and nature consistently through the day. This can be thinking it or actually writing it down in a journal. Also, being mindful, paying attention, coming back to the present moment and realizing what a gift it is to be alive!

All of this excitement and good feeling can be used to fuel your creativity and whatever you are working on. It’s much more exciting to be aware of your surroundings, feel inspired by them and know that you have the opportunity to create whatever you want!

How does an attitude of gratitude impact your life and creative pursuits?

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