Clear Out The Mental Clutter

IMG_1323In my last post I wrote about self-sabotage and how it can show up as taking action and that it’s really distraction in action. Instead of focusing on taking action to further your goals you are taking action to get your laundry done, cleaning your house, or grocery shopping. These are also important “to-do’s” but not at the expense of your life dreams.

To better understand self sabotage, let’s go a little deeper and look at how habitual thoughts/thinking can also self-sabotage our best intentions and well laid plans.

These are some (and not all) of the negative habitual thoughts that may come up when you are trying to create the life you want:

I don’t deserve…

I am not good enough…

I don’t have the skills to…

“They” have more experience than me to….

“They” have more money than me to….

I don’t have the money to do this…

Look at what so and so accomplished/created…

All of these statements have one thing in common they come from a lack of mindset. I find that when I am stuck in a lack of mindset nothing seems possible, good or joyous. This mindset usually brings up doubt, fear and a sense of hopelessness for me and I have a hard time moving forward.

How do I move forward? I bring mindfulness and awareness into the moment.

The first step I take is to pay attention and bring mindfulness to how I am feeling in my body. Am I feeling crabby, annoyed, tired or frustrated? If so, I get curious about that and check in to see if I am really feeling that way or is it habitual negative thoughts and thinking patterns that are influencing how I feel.

More often than not, I am thinking negative thoughts and need to focus on cleaning up these habitual thought patterns that don’t serve my well being or my life dreams. In essence, these habitual thoughts and thinking patterns are a form of self-sabotage so that I don’t move forward in life. I continue to repeat behaviors that keep me stuck or blocked around moving toward my goals and dreams.

As crazy as it sounds, sometimes we are so comfortable in this state of negative thinking that we sabotage ourselves to stay in it! Why? This is where fear comes in; fear of the unknown, fear of something different, fear of not being able to control our lives…the list goes on and on. Fear lives because we feed it with our negative thinking, negative thoughts and with our comfort around staying the same (even if it isn’t serving our best intentions!)

In these moments, I practice bringing mindfulness and awareness to choose better feelings and thoughts. This process includes thoughts that are not from a lack of or negative mindset. This is important to remember that you do have a choice around what you think about and what thoughts take up a lot of your mental space. So why not choose abundant and positive mindset?

This does not mean being false to yourself about how you feel, it means choosing thoughts that feel better in small increments to create an abundant and positive mindset! It also means paying attention to what is going well in your life and acknowledging it! As you begin this process of cleaning up your thinking and your habitual thought patterns you also begin to self-sabotage less. You aren’t feeding and sustaining the negativity and lack of mindset that is comfortable and doesn’t want to change.

I want to challenge you this week to pay attention to what kind of thoughts take up most of your mental space and lead to self-sabotage. How did you bring mindfulness and awareness to this process? I’d love to hear about your experience, please leave a comment.

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