10 Questions To Help Let Go

IMG_0670Happy New Year’s Eve!

The New Year 2016 is rolling in, have you thought about what you would like to roll out and let go of? Before you can plan on what you would like to accomplish, work towards, or change in 2016 the first step is to let go.

Let go of what you may ask? Maybe attitudes, beliefs or habits that are getting in the way of you creating the life you want to live. Can and will you take some time during this transition (from 2015 into 2016) to get quiet and really listen to what you are yearning to create for yourself? The following are some questions I asked myself to help me let go of things in my life that aren’t working for me anymore.

1.  In what areas of my life did fear get in the way?

2.  In what areas of my life am I in denial?

3.  What states of mind or emotional states do I keep engaging in or acting out that don’t serve me?

(examples: anger, negativity, pettiness, bitterness, judgment etc.)

4.  What have I not forgiven myself for?

5.  What are my regrets, what do I wish I had done differently?

6.  What resentments or anger am I still hanging on to?

7.  What are the coulda/shoulda/woulda beens I am still recycling in my mind?

8. What am I tolerating that needs to change in order for me to move forward?

9. What is the decision I have been avoiding?

10. Who drains me and do I need to let go of this or these relationships?

I suggest taking some time with these or whatever questions you come up with to help you get clear about what you want to create for yourself.  By bringing mindfulness and intention into this process you can make different choices in the new year. Otherwise, you may keep getting “more of the same”  in 2016.

Give yourself this gift on the last day of 2015- to really think deeply about and let go of what is not serving you or working for you anymore. If you have the opportunity to get quiet and hear yourself you may be surprised by what comes up!

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