15 Questions to Create Your Best Year Ever!

IMG_0156It’s the New Year!  These 15 Goal-Setting Questions will help you begin to create your best year ever. Answer the questions below – and then all you need to do is start taking action!

First, REFLECT and take your learning forward:

1. What worked WELL for you in 2015?

2. What do you WANT to keep doing, or do more of, in 2016?

3. What did NOT work for you in 2015?

4. What do you need to Just let go! of? (see yesterday’s post)     

5. Where do you just need to stop procrastinating and “Just do it!”?

Then, LOOK AHEAD and UNDERSTAND what you truly want and why:

1. What, more than anything, do you want in 2016?

2. What goals would really put a SMILE on your face?

3. What would have happened by the end of the year to leave you FEELING AMAZING about yourself?

4. If you were to write a list of JUST 10 GOALS and Aims for 2016, what would they be?

5. If you did nothing else, what THREE things would make 2016 a SUCCESS for you?


1. What could get in the way? If you were going to sabotage yourself HOW would you do it?

2. What ONE habit could you introduce that would make a huge improvement in your life?

3. How can you bring more FUN and PLAY into your life in 2016?

Finally, WRAPPING it up:

1. What is your THEME for 2016? _____________________

2. Who will you have to BECOME to have all that you want?

I hope this sparks you into action and helps you bring some awareness and intention to what you want to create in your life in 2016!

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