Ten Tips To Build A Creative Routine


I was talking to a friend of mine this am over tea and she mentioned wanting to create daily even if it was for fifteen minutes a day. I could totally relate as I have been struggling over the last few months with a consistent creative routine myself. I have been doing a lot of procrastination and also had a good bout of amnesia of how a routine really works for me when I create.


I decided it was time to get back to the basics of building a routine.

  1. Do the most important creative work first thing in the morning before getting distracted by e-mail, phone calls, work etc.
  1. Surround myself with things that get me excited about creating. A clean studio, fresh canvases and all my tools visible. Other inspiring personal items.
  1. Meditate and get quiet to see what inspiration arises, also to calm my mind and reduce any anxiety that I am feeling about xyz. I usually do this before I begin and also when I am feeling stuck.
  1. Commit to working on a creative project or endeavor consistently. Whether that is throughout the week, throughout the day but ideally, a daily practice.
  1. Show up whether I an inspired or not. If I let all my moods dictate my creative process I would never get anything started or completed.
  1. I make sure to protect my creative time at all costs. I schedule it in my calendar and make sure that I do not re-schedule it or change it. It’s a done deal.
  1. Turn off the phone and computer. I am less likely to distract myself if there are no interruptions.
  1. Take a break. Sometimes I need to get away from the work to get a new perspective or feel re-energized. Walking outside and meditation are great outlets for me. Plus I feel inspired by nature– it’s a win/win.
  1. Keep my creative projects out so I can see them. I like to see the progress and it also keeps me unconsciously working on it throughout the day.
  1. Listen to my gut about what I want to create not what I “should” create and do the work from that space.

These are all my basics for building my creative routine and I hope it inspires you to get back to or figure out yours. I would love to hear what works for you!

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