Living The Lists

IMG_1723I have had more than a few conversations over the past couple of weeks about living vs. list making.

What does it really mean?

What is the difference?

Is it possible?

All are questions I have been asking myself and letting it roll around my brain.

What does it mean? For me, it actually means enjoying living.

I had some ideas or thoughts, put them on a list, took action and made it happen. Sounds simple (not always the case of course).

What isn’t simple for me is to actually enjoy the creation. Huh. Who would of thought…all the time and energy, devotion, will power, etcetera and then it manifests and then the letdown happens.

So I have been trying to be mindful and pay attention to this so that I actually enjoy the journey. Instead of being annoyed by things on the list and that “I have to get this done,” am I choosing to enjoy this experience or not? It is a choice I can make if I want to –to enjoy the steps on the journey. It’s been rather fun to work with this idea and to choose to do something different and to relate to it in a more joyful way. What a concept. Life doesn’t have to be all suffering. 🙂

What is the difference between living and list making? I am starting to think and feel that the lists are the path to creating a life we want to live.

They are a starting place.

Especially if we are trying to change habitual patterns that are not serving us anymore and we are in the unconscious rut.

Is it possible to live the lists? I think so at least I want to believe it. So I am experimenting (see below) and trying/testing out the hypothesis so to speak.

What is it really like to live the way I say I want to live? You mean I can choose what I would like to do with my time and energy consciously? How freaking awesome. I feel more alive and more aligned with my values and what I want to create in my life when I make conscious choices. WOOOHOOO ‘bout time!

What would it be like and feel like for you to live your lists? What if you chose to think about or relate something in a different way? I am curious to hear how that goes for you.

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