Getting Back on Track

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” –Sharon Begley

It’s been quite awhile since my last blog post. I must admit I let things in my personal life really pull me off track in my business life. Instead of beating myself up about it, feeling guilty or completely give up the idea that I could get back on track, I made a decision to recommit to my business, my personal and professional goals and take action to move forward.

It sounds easy and trust me, it has been far from easy. I have had many times in my life where outside circumstances have taken my attention, time, energy and focus.

It seems to be a pretty common experience among us humans. 🙂

The question for me is how do I keep choosing to come back to what is important to me when I have gotten so far off track?

Sometimes this is complicated because after getting off track some of the things I thought I wanted or even needed have changed. I find myself trying to find the energy to relate to an old vision or an old or outdated version of myself. When this happens I keep wondering why I have a difficult time following through. Sometimes I don’t have any enthusiasm or inspiration around what I am trying to create in my life or in my art.

It usually takes me awhile to figure this out (the old way of doing things or relating to things is not working anymore). This is usually preceded by some transition in my life. Sometimes I am not even aware that a transition is happening. I begin to experience and feel confusion, being ungrounded, old ways not working anymore, and feeling different parts of my identity dropping away. It’s unnerving for me to say the least.

I wonder to myself:

How do I regain ground and be in and with the in-between space while waiting for the next move to reveal itself?

And how do I learn to trust what the next move will be?

This is true for me also in my creative pursuits as well.

What is the next step?

Where do I go from here?

What if it is a mistake?

How do I learn to trust my intuition and that my knowingness will guide me in the right direction in taking the next step that is needed and necessary for my growth as a human being?

I long to surrender, to not escape and to be present with the transition I am experiencing.

What makes sense to keep?

What makes sense to let go of?

What would be unlived in my life if it ended today?

These are some of the questions and a whole host of feelings and emotions I have been pondering while going through my own personal transitions over the last many months.

If you are experiencing a transition in your life right now I wish you the awareness to be conscious of the choices that you make as you create you life and create your art. We are after all, the artists of our own lives and I find it helpful on many levels to consciously choose what I want to create in all aspects of my life~don’t you?

I would love to read your thoughts and perspective. Please share if you are inspired.

Much Gratitude and Blessings,




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