Getting Back on Track

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” –Sharon Begley

It’s been quite awhile since my last blog post. I must admit I let things in my personal life really pull me off track in my business life. Instead of beating myself up about it, feeling guilty or completely give up the idea that I could get back on track, I made a decision to recommit to my business, my personal and professional goals and take action to move forward.

It sounds easy and trust me, it has been far from easy. I have had many times in my life where outside circumstances have taken my attention, time, energy and focus.

It seems to be a pretty common experience among us humans. 🙂

The question for me is how do I keep choosing to come back to what is important to me when I have gotten so far off track?

Sometimes this is complicated because after getting off track some of the things I thought I wanted or even needed have changed. I find myself trying to find the energy to relate to an old vision or an old or outdated version of myself. When this happens I keep wondering why I have a difficult time following through. Sometimes I don’t have any enthusiasm or inspiration around what I am trying to create in my life or in my art.

It usually takes me awhile to figure this out (the old way of doing things or relating to things is not working anymore). This is usually preceded by some transition in my life. Sometimes I am not even aware that a transition is happening. I begin to experience and feel confusion, being ungrounded, old ways not working anymore, and feeling different parts of my identity dropping away. It’s unnerving for me to say the least.

I wonder to myself:

How do I regain ground and be in and with the in-between space while waiting for the next move to reveal itself?

And how do I learn to trust what the next move will be?

This is true for me also in my creative pursuits as well.

What is the next step?

Where do I go from here?

What if it is a mistake?

How do I learn to trust my intuition and that my knowingness will guide me in the right direction in taking the next step that is needed and necessary for my growth as a human being?

I long to surrender, to not escape and to be present with the transition I am experiencing.

What makes sense to keep?

What makes sense to let go of?

What would be unlived in my life if it ended today?

These are some of the questions and a whole host of feelings and emotions I have been pondering while going through my own personal transitions over the last many months.

If you are experiencing a transition in your life right now I wish you the awareness to be conscious of the choices that you make as you create you life and create your art. We are after all, the artists of our own lives and I find it helpful on many levels to consciously choose what I want to create in all aspects of my life~don’t you?

I would love to read your thoughts and perspective. Please share if you are inspired.

Much Gratitude and Blessings,




Gratitude and Many Thanks!


Dear Friends,

I hope this post finds you doing well~it’s been quite a long time since my last post. I have gone through many transitions personally and professionally in the past eight months (time flies!) and I have been off the grid so to speak. I have finally resurfaced.  I was not sure for awhile if I wanted to continue down this path but after much reflection I am happy to say that I am committed  in supporting and working with those of you who want to consciously create the life you want to live and the creative genre you would like to express.

Much gratitude and thanks to those of you who have stuck around and welcome to those of you who are new to The Creative Pioneer. May we forge new frontiers together!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Living The Lists

IMG_1723I have had more than a few conversations over the past couple of weeks about living vs. list making.

What does it really mean?

What is the difference?

Is it possible?

All are questions I have been asking myself and letting it roll around my brain.

What does it mean? For me, it actually means enjoying living.

I had some ideas or thoughts, put them on a list, took action and made it happen. Sounds simple (not always the case of course).

What isn’t simple for me is to actually enjoy the creation. Huh. Who would of thought…all the time and energy, devotion, will power, etcetera and then it manifests and then the letdown happens.

So I have been trying to be mindful and pay attention to this so that I actually enjoy the journey. Instead of being annoyed by things on the list and that “I have to get this done,” am I choosing to enjoy this experience or not? It is a choice I can make if I want to –to enjoy the steps on the journey. It’s been rather fun to work with this idea and to choose to do something different and to relate to it in a more joyful way. What a concept. Life doesn’t have to be all suffering. 🙂

What is the difference between living and list making? I am starting to think and feel that the lists are the path to creating a life we want to live.

They are a starting place.

Especially if we are trying to change habitual patterns that are not serving us anymore and we are in the unconscious rut.

Is it possible to live the lists? I think so at least I want to believe it. So I am experimenting (see below) and trying/testing out the hypothesis so to speak.

What is it really like to live the way I say I want to live? You mean I can choose what I would like to do with my time and energy consciously? How freaking awesome. I feel more alive and more aligned with my values and what I want to create in my life when I make conscious choices. WOOOHOOO ‘bout time!

What would it be like and feel like for you to live your lists? What if you chose to think about or relate something in a different way? I am curious to hear how that goes for you.

Ten Tips To Build A Creative Routine


I was talking to a friend of mine this am over tea and she mentioned wanting to create daily even if it was for fifteen minutes a day. I could totally relate as I have been struggling over the last few months with a consistent creative routine myself. I have been doing a lot of procrastination and also had a good bout of amnesia of how a routine really works for me when I create.


I decided it was time to get back to the basics of building a routine.

  1. Do the most important creative work first thing in the morning before getting distracted by e-mail, phone calls, work etc.
  1. Surround myself with things that get me excited about creating. A clean studio, fresh canvases and all my tools visible. Other inspiring personal items.
  1. Meditate and get quiet to see what inspiration arises, also to calm my mind and reduce any anxiety that I am feeling about xyz. I usually do this before I begin and also when I am feeling stuck.
  1. Commit to working on a creative project or endeavor consistently. Whether that is throughout the week, throughout the day but ideally, a daily practice.
  1. Show up whether I an inspired or not. If I let all my moods dictate my creative process I would never get anything started or completed.
  1. I make sure to protect my creative time at all costs. I schedule it in my calendar and make sure that I do not re-schedule it or change it. It’s a done deal.
  1. Turn off the phone and computer. I am less likely to distract myself if there are no interruptions.
  1. Take a break. Sometimes I need to get away from the work to get a new perspective or feel re-energized. Walking outside and meditation are great outlets for me. Plus I feel inspired by nature– it’s a win/win.
  1. Keep my creative projects out so I can see them. I like to see the progress and it also keeps me unconsciously working on it throughout the day.
  1. Listen to my gut about what I want to create not what I “should” create and do the work from that space.

These are all my basics for building my creative routine and I hope it inspires you to get back to or figure out yours. I would love to hear what works for you!

You Realized What? A Secret About Habits

IMG_1313You have gotten clear about what you want to create in your life this year and in your creative practice, you have set some goals and today I am going to write about habits.

Our habits can make or break us in terms of reaching our goals. If we have habits that aren’t in our best interests than it will be much more difficult creating what we want in our lives.

I highly recommend reading “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. It’s a wonderful and in depth look that explains why habits exist and how they can be changed. What I found most fascinating about the book was the secret about Keystone habits or small wins. It is the idea that a Keystone habit is one habit that can shift many other patterns in your life and like a small win if you apply something small in a steady manner it can have a huge consequences and amount to a big win over time.

The reason I found this fascinating is that I have been working to shift some of my own habits and have been struggling to focus, stay on track and be disciplined in my life as a whole but especially around my business. This usually isn’t a big challenge for me until lately. I have had to spend some time reflecting and being mindful of the choices I was making. I had to ask myself: what did I change in my routine, why was it difficult for me to focus on getting things done and how come I was struggling to have self-discipline and stay on track? After reading this book it really made me start thinking about what was the one habit I did consistently that impacted everything else and did I stop doing it or did I change it?

I have notoriously worked out first thing in the morning for the past 25 years. I do enjoy working out and feeling good but the truth is I have to move my body. I was in a severe car accident in my early 20’s and if I don’t do some type of movement or exercise at least once a day I suffer physically which cascades into emotional and mental stress as a result. Pain is one heck of a motivator 🙂

Over the past eight months or so I have struggled to work out first thing in the morning: it’s cold, I am tired, I am tired of this routine, yada, yada lot’s of reasons lately to put it off until later. I end up working out or exercising later in the day or early evening. The result of this “new routine” has led me to be a more unfocused, less disciplined (in many areas of my life) and not staying on track very well in my business and creative practice. As a result of putting exercise off, I have created a new habit of not exercising first thing in the morning that wreaks havoc in all areas of my life.

I am now in the process of re-creating my habit of working out first thing in the morning and let me tell you, it’s been rough going. However, the reward is enormous. I feel more focused and clear headed, my body feels good, I already accomplished something which helps build confidence and self discipline, I am in a good mood and I am ready to start my day in a positive way. I also eat better the rest of the day, my evenings are free to do other things, I am not worrying about when I am going to fit exercise in my schedule and I sleep better.

Once I figured out this was my Keystone habit I knew that I had to choose to re-create the habit loop so working out first thing in the morning becomes automatic. I don’t have to think about it, talk myself out of it or wait to do it when I get up in the morning.   I just do it.

If you don’t know what your what your Keystone habit is I challenge you to figure it out and start incorporating it. If you do know what it is that is great and keep it up! I would love to hear what your Keystone habit is and how it works for you in meeting your goals.