The Beginners Guide to Goal-Setting

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Goals and Goal-Setting

It is important after you have clarified what your goals are going to be for 2016 to figure out what kind of goals they are and how you are going to meet them. The following are some tools to help you get started on a plan to meet your goals.

Left-Brain Grid Approach – S.M.A.R.T.

Specific (avoid being vague or general)

Measurable (starting from a baseline, what would determine that you have moved forward?)

Achievable (don’t set goals too high, set steps for them to be achievable, set goals you will succeed at)

Relevant (Focus on something the you feel passionate about, that you truly want to achieve)

Time-linked (targeted date, when)


Sample Goal: Gain more clients for my coaching business by participating in a networking group.

This is a worthy goal. But, how would you know if the networking group actually helped you get more clients? Include a metric to measure progress in meeting the goal.

SMART Goal: Gain 2 clients each quarter for my coaching business by participating in a monthly networking group by February 28, 2016.

I highly suggest putting a date associated with the goal so that you have something to work towards and an end point. This will also help you stay focused on the goal and it is measurable.

Right-Brain Organic Approach – S.A.F.E

See the end result – having a mental picture of the goal, what does it look like

Accept the end result – may not know how yet, but be open to possibility

Feel the end result – what emotions are associated with obtaining the goal

Express the end result – solidify the goal by creatively expressing it, (vision boards, write or paint about it)


Sample Goal: I would like to go on a vacation to Hawaii by March 31, 2016.

SAFE Goal: This is more multisensory. Utilizes Images, Metaphors, Role Models (Archetypes), Vision Boards, Mind Mapping, Guided Visualization. For this goal I could do a vision board with pictures that represented the vacation I want to have this year.

I still recommend writing down the goals with this approach. By making the visualized goals measurable and having an end date with this approach you will be more likely to meet them. Otherwise, it can be easy to look at (vision board etc.) but you may have a harder time achieving it since there is no formal timeline that you are committing to.

Goal Commitment

The following are some ways to support the your commitment to work towards goals:

  • Express them – write them out and post them where you can see them
  • Expressing them in the form of an artwork (ie. Vision Board)
  • Share them with chosen people (coach, mentor, teacher, creative group)
  • Protect them from others who may be thoughtlessly intrusive or critical
  • Review them frequently-I can’t stress this enough! It is incredibly easy to get off track and hard to get back on if a lot of time has passed

What is important to remember is to take the goals you have identified pick a plan and commit to following through. Also, don’t focus on too many goals at one time otherwise you will become scattered and frustrated by not meeting them an yes, I am speaking from experience! 🙂

Plan your goals out and remember that each goal has multiple steps within reaching that goal. Make sure that you will have enough space and time in your schedule to meet your goals realistically. Some goals are long-term goals and they may take 3, 6, 9 months or all of 2016 to reach so make sure that your timeline for reaching them sets you up for success!

What is your experience with writing goals? When you write them down do you have more success in meeting them? I’d love to hear.

10 Quick Clarifying Questions

IMG_1316In the previous two posts I wrote about letting go and creating your best year ever. Today (in case you haven’t asked yourself those questions from those posts yet) I have provided a quick tool to figure out your top goals in nine areas of your life. If you have done the other two exercises in my last posts then this is also a good one to do since it is listing out specific areas of your life which will help you get specific about what you want in each area.

This may feel like overkill if you have been reading the past posts but my intention is for you to have a few options to gain clarity about what you would like to create in 2016. The more clarity you have, the easier it will be to focus your time, energy and discipline. Then you will be able to follow through on the actions it requires to make your goals a reality.

The idea of this exercise is to take out a pen and a piece of paper and answer the questions in less than 30 seconds. Generally, when people only have 30 seconds to write down their goals they are as accurate as when they have more time. Your subconscious mind comes up with the answer quickly and without second-guessing.

It may feel repetitive with “the three most important goals” in each question but this is so your mind can easily filter out your top three.

Remember-30 seconds for each question 🙂

  1. Write down your three most important goals in life right now
  2. What are your three most important family or relationship goals right now?
  3. What are your three most important business or career goals right now?
  4. What are your three most important financial goals right now?
  5. What are your three most important creative goals right now?
  6. What are your three most important health goals right now?
  7. What are your three most important spiritual goals right now?
  8. What are your three most important personal and professional development goals right now?
  9. What are your three most important social and community goals right now?
  10. What are your three most important pleasure goals right now?

I hope this brought some more clarity to what you would like to create in your life for 2016. In my upcoming posts I will be sharing some ideas, tips and tools to help you succeed in meeting your goals in 2016!

15 Questions to Create Your Best Year Ever!

IMG_0156It’s the New Year!  These 15 Goal-Setting Questions will help you begin to create your best year ever. Answer the questions below – and then all you need to do is start taking action!

First, REFLECT and take your learning forward:

1. What worked WELL for you in 2015?

2. What do you WANT to keep doing, or do more of, in 2016?

3. What did NOT work for you in 2015?

4. What do you need to Just let go! of? (see yesterday’s post)     

5. Where do you just need to stop procrastinating and “Just do it!”?

Then, LOOK AHEAD and UNDERSTAND what you truly want and why:

1. What, more than anything, do you want in 2016?

2. What goals would really put a SMILE on your face?

3. What would have happened by the end of the year to leave you FEELING AMAZING about yourself?

4. If you were to write a list of JUST 10 GOALS and Aims for 2016, what would they be?

5. If you did nothing else, what THREE things would make 2016 a SUCCESS for you?


1. What could get in the way? If you were going to sabotage yourself HOW would you do it?

2. What ONE habit could you introduce that would make a huge improvement in your life?

3. How can you bring more FUN and PLAY into your life in 2016?

Finally, WRAPPING it up:

1. What is your THEME for 2016? _____________________

2. Who will you have to BECOME to have all that you want?

I hope this sparks you into action and helps you bring some awareness and intention to what you want to create in your life in 2016!

10 Questions To Help Let Go

IMG_0670Happy New Year’s Eve!

The New Year 2016 is rolling in, have you thought about what you would like to roll out and let go of? Before you can plan on what you would like to accomplish, work towards, or change in 2016 the first step is to let go.

Let go of what you may ask? Maybe attitudes, beliefs or habits that are getting in the way of you creating the life you want to live. Can and will you take some time during this transition (from 2015 into 2016) to get quiet and really listen to what you are yearning to create for yourself? The following are some questions I asked myself to help me let go of things in my life that aren’t working for me anymore.

1.  In what areas of my life did fear get in the way?

2.  In what areas of my life am I in denial?

3.  What states of mind or emotional states do I keep engaging in or acting out that don’t serve me?

(examples: anger, negativity, pettiness, bitterness, judgment etc.)

4.  What have I not forgiven myself for?

5.  What are my regrets, what do I wish I had done differently?

6.  What resentments or anger am I still hanging on to?

7.  What are the coulda/shoulda/woulda beens I am still recycling in my mind?

8. What am I tolerating that needs to change in order for me to move forward?

9. What is the decision I have been avoiding?

10. Who drains me and do I need to let go of this or these relationships?

I suggest taking some time with these or whatever questions you come up with to help you get clear about what you want to create for yourself.  By bringing mindfulness and intention into this process you can make different choices in the new year. Otherwise, you may keep getting “more of the same”  in 2016.

Give yourself this gift on the last day of 2015- to really think deeply about and let go of what is not serving you or working for you anymore. If you have the opportunity to get quiet and hear yourself you may be surprised by what comes up!

Merry Christmas!











Puppies’ Christmas
~ Anon

It’s the day before Christmas
And all through the house
The puppies are squeaking
An old rubber mouse.
The wreath which had merrily
Hung on the door
Is scattered in pieces
All over the floor.
The stockings that hung
In a neat little row
Now boast a hole in
Each one of the toes.
The tree was subjected
To bright-eyed whims,
And now, although splendid,
It’s missing some limbs.
I catch them and hold them.
“Be good”, I insist.
They lick me, then run off
To see what they’ve missed.
And now as I watch them
The thought comes to me,
That their’s is the spirit
That Christmas should be.
Should children and puppies
Yet show us the way,
And teach us the joy
That should come with this day?
Could they bring the message
That’s written above,
And tell us that, most of all
Christmas is love.