The Road To Action…

You have thought about, visualized, and dreamed about what you would like to create in your life for 2014. You made a plan for how you were going to accomplish your goals and mapped it out for the year. Now it’s time to do the next crucial step to your success.

Take Action!

This is where most people fail. They never engage in this crucial step to fulfill their dreams. Let’s face it, the dreaming, visioning, and yes, even the planning are all the fun, exciting and easy steps. Taking action means actually having to be accountable and do the work necessary to make the vision come to fruition.

Taking action means committing to the goals you want to accomplish in the short and the long term. This means fully committing to yourself and your vision.  When you fully commit to yourself, your vision, and your goals you are saying YES to yourself and the life you want to create.

When you consciously and mindfully say YES to your life and what you want to create it also means saying NO to people, places and things that would like to take you off course (this includes yourself too!)

As you say YES to yourself and begin to take action (even if it is small steps) you are moving closer to your goals and dreams. Building on small successes builds confidence and eventually mastery. It also gets you that much closer to your vision and your goals becoming real.

It may take longer that you imagined or planned but that is the time not to give up or give in—you keep re-committing and learn to say YES to yourself everyday! No one else is going to do it for you. This is your life! We all have a choice every day to create our lives consciously.

What will you choose?  Will you take action or let another day go by dreaming about the life you want to live?

Map Quest!

You have let go of 2013! You have thought about and reflected on 2014 and what you would like to create. Now it’s time to make a plan to make your goals and dreams for 2014 a reality!

Ironically, this can be the first place where resistance may come up. You may resist making a plan because you don’t know where to start or there’s not enough time in the day or there is no way to get everything accomplished. The list of reasons to not make a plan grows and the next thing you know you haven’t come up with a plan.

You may also get caught up in the actual wording to help you move forward. Maybe you don’t like the word planning, perhaps it feels too overwhelming, too specific or like it’s too much work. There are many other terms you can try out for example: intentions, goal setting, moving in a direction, or having a map. Use whatever word works best for you and creates the least amount of resistance to move forward. A simple plan is better than no plan at all and can be refined down the road.

When I am trying to figure out how to break down my goals of what I want to create I compare it to planning a vacation. In order to go on a vacation I have to make a plan even if it’s a “loose plan” I still have to think about it and map it out. Thinking of it as vacation planning helps me to look forward to the process and the end result. Yes – Jedi mind tricks but it works for me!

For example: say you are going to drive across country for your vacation to a specific destination. You will need a map (or a GPS) so you know where you are headed, what direction you need to take or if you are getting off course. You need to decide if you want to take the long scenic route or take the shortcut.  Maybe there are roadblocks and unexpected weather that can take you off course or cause delays in your timing. You will also need nourishment on the trip (food and shelter and gas for your car). And you will want to know approximately how long it will take to get there and then make further plans once you arrive at your desired destination.

The same is true of mapping out your goals for the year. All of these factors that I mentioned above will come into play and come up as you work towards creating the life you want to live. However, if you make a plan, commit to it! Even with the various challenges that come up like getting completely off course, heading in the wrong direction or running into unexpected roadblocks you will eventually get there. You may need to make small and large adjustments but if you keep moving in the direction of where you want to be you will persevere! Just like getting to your planned destination for your vacation.

Think of your plan for your 2014 goals as a vacation plan! It can be fun and exciting to map out your goals and dreams and doesn’t have to be total drudgery. Just like many road trips, it’s about the journey and not only the destination.