Work With A Life and Creativity Coach

If you are serious about taking your life to the next level and pinpointing what you want in the next month or sooner, schedule a free “Create What you Want in 2017” session. This one hour creative coaching session will include:

  • Create a sense of clarity about the  life you really want to have
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards the life you desire
  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do to next to create the life you truly want

Whether you’re seeking  life coaching or creativity coaching, Dolly can help you create a sense of clarity around your life, outline the powerful action steps you need to take to achieve that goal, and help you build toward the life you desire.

*Packages can be customized –please inquire. Sessions are also available by the hour.  Each coaching session can be recorded so that you will be able to listen to the session and review it as many times as you want to keep you inspired and motivated.

Introductory Coaching Package 

  • A 4 week introductory coaching package for individuals who want to experience how coaching can enhance their life and creative endeavors while exploring the best options for their ongoing coaching needs.
  • 2-60 minute coaching sessions
  • Unlimited e-mail support/consultations

Three Month Coaching Package 

  • This three month  coaching package designed for individuals working on a specific project in the beginning, middle or end stage of completion. This is for clients who value the clarity, weekly accountability, inspiration and discussions regarding the challenges and support to ensure that their creative and life goals are maximized.
  • 2-60 minute coaching sessions per month
  • Unlimited-e-mail support/consultations per month

Six Month Coaching Package 

  • This six month coaching package is designed for individuals who are working on longer term goals and creative projects and who are seeking the support and accountability that will help them create what they want in their lives for the long term.
  • 2-60 minute coaching sessions per month
  • Unlimited email support/consultations

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified creativity and life coach, Dolly is fiercely committed to empowering men and women to reignite their creative spark, dream big, and go for it! All with a plan in place, of course. Click “Schedule a Session” to fill out a form and Dolly will return your message within 24 hours.